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Review: THE BIG FIX (In A Fix, #3) by Linda Grimes

 Publisher: Tor Books
Pub. Date: May 12, 2012
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Humor
Source: Print ARC
Rating: 6 Stars

Linda Grimes's sexy and hilarious urban fantasy series that began with In a Fix and Quick Fix continues in The Big Fix.

Aura adaptor extraordinaire Ciel Halligan, who uses her chameleon-like abilities to fix her clients' problems--as them--is filling in on set for action superstar Jackson Gunn, whose snake phobia is standing in the way of his completing his latest mega-millions Hollywood blockbuster. There's only one thing Jack fears more than snakes, and that's the possibility of his fans finding out he screams at the sight of one. Going from hero to laughing stock isn't part of his career plan.

Seems like a simple enough job to Ciel, who doesn't particularly like snakes, but figures she can tolerate an afternoon with them, for the right price--which Jack is offering, and then some. What she doesn't count on is finding out that while she was busy wrangling snakes for him, his wife was busy getting killed. When Ciel goes to break the sad news to the star, she finds out Jack was AWOL from her client hideaway at the time of the murder.

Ciel begins to suspect Jack's phobia was phony, and that he only hired her to provide him with an alibi--but if she goes to the police, she'll have to explain how she knows he wasn't really on set. Up against a wall, Ciel calls on her best-friend-turned-love-interest Billy, and her not-so-ex-crush Mark, to help her set up the sting of a lifetime.

The Big Fix. What can I say other than this series has quickly jumped up to my top five favorite series. And that's saying something considering I have a bunch of favorites! Getting back in to Ciel's world, I know there will never be a dull moment. From the very first word until the very last, it's non stop action, swoony moments, and hilarious wit from loveable characters. And I do mean ALL the characters. I have grown to love each and every one of them. The story honestly wouldn't be the same without them all. Ciel and gang sure know how to keep a girl entertained.

The story opens up with Ciel taking on a job for a high profile actor, Jackson, who has a phobia of snakes. The day that Ciel takes over the scene with snakes as Jackson, word comes to Ciel aka Jackson that his wife has been murdered. The number one suspect? The wife, Angelica, owns sister, Lilly Ann. Sounds like a dysfunctional family to me! Well this is right up Ciel's alley as they try to catch the murderer. But problems arise and what in the heck kind of story would it be if we knew right off the bat who the killer is. Who is the true killer? Could it be Lily Ann? Jackson himself? Someone else entirely? Come follow The whole gang as they race to uncover the truth.

Sometimes the truth hurts.

I bet you're wondering about the romance part of the story involving Billy, Ciel, and Ciel's undying infatuation with Mark. I won't give anything away but this part of the book actually pissed me off which is the sole reason it's four stars instead of five. I had to ask myself, did th author really go there? Something happened that I didn't agree with and had it been the other way around, I don't think Ciel would have been as forgiving. To me it's a double standard. But alas, still loved the lovey dovey scenes. And yeah, I'm #TeamBilly all the way.

Overall, I'm truly, truly in love with these books. My life is totally invested in the lives of these fictional characters. When they hurt, I hurt, when they cry, I cry, and so on. You get the picture. If there's any book that I will ever fully recommend with love, it's these books. Trust me, they are so good! Plus the humor keeps it from being too dark or serious. I hope you as a reader will check these books out. Even if Urban Fantasy isn't your thing, I still suggest trying it out. I highly doubt you'll regret it!!

*Thank you so much to the publisher for providing a copy for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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About the Author:
Linda grew up in Texas, where she rode horses, embarrassed herself onstage a lot, and taught teenagers they'd have to learn the rules of English before they could get away with breaking them for creativity's sake. She currently resides in Virginia with her husband, whom she snagged after he saw her in a musical number at the now defunct Melodrama Theater in San Antonio. (There's nothing like a rousing chorus of "If You Wanna Catch a Fish You Gotta Wiggle Your Bait" to hook a man for a lifetime.)

Like her globetrotting main character, Linda has spent her fair share of time overseas, though fortunately under less stressful circumstances. Kidnapping and daring rescues are all well and good in fiction, but she prefers sanity in her real life.

Catch up with her on AMAZON and make sure to follow her and stay up to date with all her amazing books!!

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