Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hym and Hur Review by Phillip Frey

Hym and Hur 
Hym and Hur are a young couple who never age and have been in love for more than a century. They also possess an array of magical abilities, two of which are either to play pranks on humankind or to perform good deeds. Enacting both at the same time is now what gets them into trouble, especially since it's the unruly character of Death they must deal with to bring their plans to fruition.

The prank Hym and Hur have come up with must first be agreed upon by Death, who happens to be a rambunctious, difficult character. Once agreed upon, the prank is set in motion. Hym and Hur soon discover Death had tricked them into a contract with dire consequences for all of us.

During their attempt to break the contract, Hym and Hur try to save the relationship of an earthbound couple, knowing they are truly meant for each other. A good deed that will bring Hym and Hur even more trouble.

My Review:
       I want to start off by saying how much I adore the title. It is a clever play on the words "him" and "her". I wish I could be that clever... Anyway...  I was contacted a few days ago by Mr. Frey to read and review this sweet story. Normally I don't read short stories because let's face it, I like big thick novels with 350 plus pages. But the story seemed like a good one, so I accepted his offer.
      I was pleasantly surprised while reading the first few pages and I really enjoyed Hym and Her. They were different and definitely people I wish I could meet. I was able to finish the story while on my lunch break at work. I quickly sent Phillip an email telling him that I was enjoying it very much. 
      My favorite character by far was Death himself. He was even more of a prankster than Hym and Hur. Plus he was funny and sarcastic. I feel comfortable around that because I am a little bit like that... Well only when I feel like it. Whatever the case, I wanted to see more of Death. There just was not enough of him. He mainly played behind the scenes. 
      Another character I really enjoyed was Archie. I felt he was as real as they come. A struggling artist who doesn't give up. Good things come to those who wait. I like his spunk and if there was a spin off book about him, I would be quick to pick it up.
     WHAT I did NOT enjoy...
I wish the story was longer! I would have loved hearing more stories from Hym and Hur's past. They seemed to have led an interesting life. Backstory, there's the word. I want more backstory on the two! Like why are they the way they are? Maybe I missed something?? I dont know but I would just like to know more.

I loved it. If you are looking for a short and fun read, this is the story for you. It is funny and cute. What more could you want? 

Lastly, I'd like to thank Phillip Frey for allowing me to read and review his book. It was a pleasure doing business with you sir! 


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pulse of Heroes Review

"WINNER OF 2011 INDIE BOOK OF THE YEAR!!!! At Paranormal Reads!
A suspenseful, passionate, paranormal romance that sweeps through the emotions of first love and heartache as it traverses centuries and continents.

Michelle used to feel like she was behind in everything, especially school and relationships. Her great aunt from the old country says she is like a bland meal, "no salt or pepper". But in junior year, everything changes. Her father takes a position on the Town Council, a popular boy in school becomes interested in her, and most importantly, the Hekademos Learning Center, a private school for 'troubled' students, moves into her quiet neighborhood amidst the protests of the entire town.

After an embarrassing fall over the school wall, Michelle meets Elliot and her ordinary ‘bland’ life changes its course forever.

Elliot is no ordinary human. In fact, no one at the Hekademos Learning Center is. Beautiful and fierce, they have survived throughout the millennia by weaving in and out of human events. Through them, Michelle learns that history and myths from around the world are dotted with references to their kind. Michelle falls madly in love with the ever-striking and mysterious Elliot and, as much as he tries to fight it, he develops strong feelings for her as well. Although Elliot carries numerous painful memories from his many pasts, he disregards his own better judgment and the advice of his friends, and finds himself falling for Michelle‘s offbeat personality. Their feelings grow in intensity, but when History catches up with them, the difference between their life paths threatens to destroy any future that they might have had together.

Michelle learns that there are infinite shades of gray between black and white, and has to deal with the bundle of contradictory emotions called love. She has to trust her intuition in order to face the danger and uncertainty of being drawn into Elliot’s wondrous world. Ultimately, it is up to Michelle to make the split-second, life-altering decision that will either tear them apart forever, or give them another chance."

I have very MIXED feelings about Pulse of Heroes. For the most part it was very slow starting out. And the first couple of chapters dragged on and on. I was about ready to give up because it seriously bored me to pieces. But I love books and I hate leaving them unfinished.

Good thing I decided to finish it too, because it was GREAT. I am so happy that I kept going and read more about Michelle and Elliot. Ahhh, Elliot. I really started to like him more and more as the pages flew by. The way the love started out was very sweet. I now get why the story developed as "slow" as I thought it did.

The cover is absolutely beautiful and mysterious. I love love love it! I so judge books by their covers and this one did not disappoint. The story was great and the cover was too. I can't possibly wait until the next book comes out!!!!

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