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Blog Tour Review feat Giveaway- The Truth About Jack by Jody Gehrman

The Truth About Jack 
by Jody Gehrman 
Release Date: 04/14/15 
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Summary from Goodreads: 
Dakota McCloud has just been accepted into a prestigious art school. Soon she'll leave behind the artists' colony where she grew up―hippie dad, tofu since birth, yurt―and join her boyfriend 
and best friend on the East Coast. It was the plan…until akota finds out her boyfriend and best friend hooked up behind her back. Hurt and viciously betrayed, akota pours out her heart on a piece of paper, places it in a bottle, and hurls it into the ocean. But it doesn't quite go where she expects… 

Jack Sauvage finds the bottle washed up on the shore and responds to akota's letter. Except what if his straight-laced life doesn’t jive with the free-spirited girl he’s only seen from afar? As Jack creates a persona he believes she’ll love, they slowly fall for each other with each new 
letter. Now Jack is trying to find a way to make this delicate, on-paper romance happen in real life…without revealing his deception. 

The Truth About Jack started off strong then it kind of tampered off. Even though it didn't hold my interest near the end, I still was able to finish and ended up liking it. I don't love it but I think it has a cute premise even if a bit unrealistic. My thoughts when Jack starts pretending to be someone he isn't is why? Why not just come out and be who you are? It would have been so much easier. 

Dakota gets betrayed in the worst way possible by not only her best friend but her boyfriend as well. They started seeing each other while off in college, leaving poor Dakota with only an email explaining that the feelings that her best friend has for Dakota's boyfriend are true love. Otherwise, she wouldn't have even thought twice about "stealing" the jerk. If you ask me, it's a load of crock! 
And even worse, I hated how Dakota started having second guesses right away about going off to the 
college she got in too which is RISD just because her "friends" would be there too. Um, seriously!? You're going to let a loser guy and shitty best friend dictate you going to school? Yeah, no. To me the only saving grace was Jack, even though I don't like that he's deceived Dakota. Despite that fact, I think he was the most real and relatable. I felt bad for him. His mother was....overbearing? Yeah...overbearing. And it wasn't cute!

I think it was cool that Dakota putting that message in a bottle was wonderful and even if yeah, it was unrealistic to me, I still liked it. I just wish Jack would have been upfront from the beginning! Other than the misgivings of some things, I did enjoy this. I think the author is a great writer and I look forward to reading more from her. 

*Thank you to the publishers for providing me with a review copy for an honest review. 

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About the Author 
Jody Gehrman is a native of Northern California,where she can be found writing, teaching, reading, or obsessing over her three cats most days. She is also the author of ten novels and numerous award-winning plays. Her Young Adult novels include The Truth About Jack, Audrey's Guide to Black Magic, Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft, Babe in Boyland, Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty, and Triple Shot Bettys in Love. Babe in Boyland was optioned by the Disney Channel and won the International Reading Association's Teen Choice Award. Her adult novels are Bombshell, Notes from the Backseat, Tart, and Summer in the Land of Skin. Her plays have been produced in Ashland, New York, San Francisco, Chicago and L.A. She and her partner David Wolf won the New Generation playwrights Award for their one-act, Jake Savage, Jungle .I. She is a professor of English and Communication Studies at Mendocino College. 

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