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Blog Tour Review feat Giveaway: Reason and Romance by Jenn Young

Reason and Romance
Release Date: 12/09/14

Book Summary:
Being stuck in the godforsaken desert is Adrian Blake’s worst nightmare come true. Senior year is all about making fun memories. It’s not about starting over at a new school and navigating a new Brady Bunch family. It’s really not about living with a sexy, arrogant would-be stepbrother who knows how to push her buttons.

Alex Montgomery is the very definition of a player. The only thing he commits to is a one night stand. He’s exactly the kind of guy she hates­. When she sleeps with him, it’s the biggest mistake of her life. Now she can’t stop thinking about him. Not at school. Not at home.

Sometimes the best mistakes are the ones that you make over and over again…


"Even kings and queens have their courts. Or else it gets lonely." 
Reason and Romance was such a fun book to read! It was full of angsty goodness, hot boys, a quick witted heroine, and a plot that just screams "read me!". I know by the end of the book I was groaning in torture because I have to wait for the next book!

This is a story about step-siblings. Sound taboo? I guess it could be considered that but technically even if they're parents are married, they aren't blood related. Not by a long shot.Adrian and fam have packed up everything and moved to live with their dads new family. When everyone meets, sparks most definitely do not fly. In face, everyone hates each other. Adrian meets Alex and she knows immediately that he's manwhore and not to mention an asshole. But... there's just something about him. Why do girls have such fascination with these types of guys? Cause I was right there with Adrian, the chemistry between them was off the charts hot.

"Hi, my name is Adrian Blake, and I just slept with my future stepbrother!"

The drama factor in the book kept me engaged and at times laughing out loud. I think the secondary characters are amazing and also help make the story ridiculously well rounded.  Sure, some things in could be considered unrealistic and childish at times but I think Jenn made it work because it had me reading until the very end. Also, I think some parts in the book were a little slow.

Overall, I think you guys should give this book a try. Its funny and fresh! I for one, can't wait for the next book and to see where Adrian, Alex & gang end up! It's going to be soooo good.

4.5 stars

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About the Author
Jenn Young writes primarily Young Adult and New Adult. She used to write contemporary teen drama and romance under the pen name Myrika at Fictionpress. She also used to write under the pen name Moreta. Jenn is an unabashed lover of romance, soap operas, and paranormal/supernatural stories. 

When Jenn's not working at her day job, she drinks too much coffee and buys too many books. She loves to hear from readers. Contact her via her website,, or follow her on Twitter @myrikami. She can be found on Facebook too. 

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  1. This sounds really interesting! I want to read how it all works out, you know, sleeping with your step brother who lives in the same house and is a player. Thanks for sharing!


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