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Taken by Charlotte Abel

So I can't find a summary anywhere! hahah. I wanted you all to see an overview of the book. But I guess you will just have to read my review instead.

The Review
If you havent read Enchantment yet, I suggest you do not read my review:)
       Charlotte has done it again! NO seriously she has. An amazing writer, and a great friend. Yes, Charlotte I consider you a friend. It is so funny because the name of the book was changed so many times. Once upon a time it was called Finding Valor, then it was called Empty, and finally it's name was found. Taken FTW!

          Taken starts off with a bang. Of course Channie and Josh are now husband and wife. Yay, so sweet. Josh is so cute and such a good guy, but I think my heart lies with Hunter. He is so stinkin' redneck that I find myself eagerly awaiting his scenes in the book! Do I want him with Channie? Of course not, I definitely see them as just friends. Although I wouldn't mind seeing a love triangle. I know I have said I hate love triangles, but honestly if it is done right, I like it. Channie and Josh have a perfect relationship in my opinion. Too perfect. Or so Charlotte has us think. Because in Taken, Channie and Josh have a big fight, the first as a married couple. Josh was a tad bit melodramtic if you ask me. And in the second book I started finding myself getting annoyed by him.

       Yes, I do like Josh, but he definitely showed his immature side in Taken. Which is to be expected since he is a teenage boy. I forgot what they could be like at that age! Anyways, they got in a fight and of course made up later. Love..especially at the honeymoon stage, it really was very sweet. They have a sweet sweet love.

        Guess who comes back in the second book? Abby, her beloved sister who I was not very fond of in the first book. She came back with Diego, who was actually a decent guy who loved Abby and The Trips. Channie's Mom...umm. Yeah..I pretty much hate her with a passion. A PASSSION! She has never been a character I liked. She treats Channie bad, and in Taken its worse. What is even more worse than that, is Channie lost her powers in the first book. So she can't defend herself against her own mother.

    The only thing I was disappointed in was the fact that I felt Josh was throwing away everything for marrigae and Channie. I am all for marriage and love, I believe in love at first sight and destiny. I just wish they didn't have to get married so young. He had a lot going for him and I hated to see him chunk it out the window. But this is where I give praise to Charlotte because it is realistic. So many young adults and teens let their feelings get the best of them and in the end it usually does not work out. 
Not saying that Channie and Josh will end up like that because their love is pure and true. Just saying that people do these kinds of things and end up regretting what they did in the end. 

Taken was such a good story. I have fallen in love with all the characters(except her mama) and I absolutely love the world Charlotte has created. I want MORE. Well more of Hunter that is:)
Which by the way, is a stripper now! hahaha. I think it suits him well.

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Thanks everyone:)

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  1. Aw... THANKS! Glowing reviews just warm my heart! I'm so glad you want more Hunter 'cause there's going to be a lot more of him in the third book.

    In fact, I'm holding a contest to "Win a Date" with Hunter. The poor guy's had a hard time with love lately so I'm going to write a scene for him and one lucky girl. (PG of course. It's a first date after all!) But it will be a ton of fun!


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