Monday, February 13, 2012

House on Plunkett Street Giveaway

Hey y'all! 
    Long time no write, I have been MIA! Have no fear though, I have some exciting news:)
Lorena Bathey, author of House on Plunkett Street, is offering FIVE free ebooks to five lucky winners who enter the giveaway. How cool is that! The interview and review will not be up until later this week, possibly the weekend. But the giveaway is starting tomorrow! Get ready to tweet and win some books.

"Phoebe Bertram is boring, bland, and unexciting. She works a job that is inadequate of her abilities. She has a boyfriend that is a dud. She is on the treadmill of her life and doesn’t know how to get off. 

With changes in her job and her apartment going condo, she must find a new place to live. Her friend Meghan brings her to the perfect apartment and the moment Phoebe steps in the door she knows there is something atypical about this perspective residence.

What she never expects are the three ghosts that arrive on her couch to teach her how life is really meant to be lived"

Enter the Giveaway Lovelys:)

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  1. Wow, so excited to be part of your blog. Can't wait to see what you thought of House on Plunkett Street. Enjoy rafflers!

    Lorena Bathey

  2. Hi! Visiting via the Love-A-Thon. Fantastic blog you have here. I'm a new follower as well. Happy Friday!

  3. Swinging by to say hello from the wave-a-thon! Great blog... love that you are doing a giveaway! Awesome!


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