Thursday, February 23, 2012

Review of House on Plunkett Street

hey everyone!
So i have been slacking so bad when it comes to posting reviews. Been going through some stuff and also just been so busy. Here is my review though! Also my next post will be a guest post by Airika Phoenix:)
she has been way too good for me.

My Review:
How many of you like ghost stories that are creepy? I do, but this is a different type of ghost story. It is fun and cheerful! Phoebe the main character needs a change. She moves into an unusual apartment, I say unusual because instead of it feeling like haunted house, she sensed happiness. There she meets three ghosts by the names of Isolda, Polly, and Hazel.

All three of them teach Phoebe how to live life. Three ghosts, who almost feel like the best friends I never had. Why oh why can't I meet three friendly ghosts?

In this heartwarming tale of starting over and finding yourself, I found myself laughing and crying. Cheering Phoebe on all along the way. I think every girl can relate to Phoebe in some way or another. Even if she couldn't see her beauty, I could through the pages of the books. Bathey did a great job with bringing such an interesting character to life the way she did. I feel like Phoebe is real and I know I could easily be friends with her.

I wanted to thank Lorena again for introducing me to such a fun loving book. I look forward to reading more books.

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