Sunday, December 18, 2011

She Tells All
By Judah Lee Davis

"Her magic stilettos ensure that she will get lucky tonight, while her big mouth ensures that she will stay in trouble. This sleepy little southern town just isn't big enough for the adventures of mischievous Madison Miller. But, one day she will meet someone who will change her life forever."

My thoughts after reading the very first sentence, "I am not going to like this book". How very very wrong i was. I enjoyed Judah's story about Madison so much that I found myself laughing out loud and crying too. Normally I do not like vulgar language but i decided that I was going to read with an open mind. And I am so glad I did, because if I didn't, I would be missing out on a great book.
We start of the with Madison and her friend Lizzie, whose husband hates Maddie. For good reason too! She is a girl who sleeps around with anyone, it is just who she is. So we go back into her life on why she is the way she is. And this boys and girls, was what had me hooked. Not only was Madison funny, and beautiful, she was real. She might not have ever realized that about herself until the very end, but I saw what a great person she was deep down. Madison is the type of woman you can count on and one who will be there to bail you out of anything. I absolutely loved that about her. When someone gave her absolute no reason to not trust them at all, well Maddie looked past that and helped out anyway she could. Such a strong person.
There were a lot of hook ups in the book and i found myself silently screaming at her to quit being so stupid! She didn't need any of that and she deserved a lot better than all the losers she dated. She was way too good! A good girl she was not, though. She was the bad girl we all wished we could be but aren't. I enjoyed reading about her best friend Summer, she was just like Maddie only skinnier and blonde. And as Madison says, she was hot. Both these girls together against the world made my experience fresh and funky. In a good way of course.
Any hot boys in the book? Um...definitely not! Jose, which later becomes her baby daddy and husband, was disgusting and the biggest loser of them all. I can honestly say, I really can relate to Maddie when it comes to dating all the losers. Like her, I trusted to easily and in the end came out burned. It must be why I loved the story so much.
There was a religious aspect to the book and I found that awesome. Why yes bad things happen to good people, as long as you have Jesus Christ by your side, everything will be okay. And I think Madison knew that, she just needed that little push. In comes the last character I will talk about in my review, Dion. She was such an inspirational character. I cried and cried when her ending came. She always believed in Madison and she was the one who gave her that push. I have a bunch of people like her in my life. I am blessed and lucky to have that, as some people may not have that at all...
I want to thank Judah for allowing me to read her book. I will interviewing her so everyone stay tuned! You do not want to miss out on the book or getting to know the wonderful author.

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