Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My First Review

New Girl By Paige Harbison

That was mesmerizing. I picked it up during the night expecting to read a couple of pages or so. And next thing you know, I am done with it. I could not stop reading, I was so into New Girl that I didn't even realize how late it actually was.

I was captivated by Becca and although she was such a manipulative jerk, I found myself feeling sorry for her. See Becca isn't all too much different from the rest of us, is she? All she wanted was to be loved and although everyone worshipped her, it was never enough. I also found myself relating to her. I have always been my own worst enemy and just like Becca, I am not ever good enough. Her insecurities were sad and instead of hating her, I admired her. To be able to fake being happy and act as if your life was perfect. Maybe if she would have opened up about her unhappiness, then maybe it would have turned out different. I could go on and on about the way she thought. If only she let people in...

On a lighter note I just realized we didn't know the main characters name until the very end. I found myself going through all the pages looking for her name. Very clever. I hated the way everyone treated her when she first got to the school. It was unfair and I disliked how everyone compared her to Becca. Give the girl a chance, geesh!
Max..I had a lot of mixed emotions about him. Partly because he was so mysterious, I never knew what to expect from him. It was a bit annoying at times, but I really ended up liking him a bunch in the end. It's okay when a guy has a little bit of a mysterious side to him because it makes readers such as me want to finish the book. But getting inside of his head was very hard for me.

All in all I loved the story and I could definitely relate to many of the characters. And the "new girls" best friend, wow! Some best friend. I hate how it ended between the two of them. In order for her to move on you have to realize that people change. I don't think the "new girl" realized that until the very end.

Ok that is all. I recommend New Girl to all my friends. It's filled with mystery, love, and drama. My favorite!



  1. So awesome that you have started a book blog. Love it! I will have to check this book out.

  2. It was so good Tina!! Go to Netgalley and you could read it for free!

  3. I picked this book up intending to read a few pages as well, but I ended up finishing the entire book! Great review:D


  4. Thanks Natasha! It was a very good book. I will probably buy it just because I enjoyed it that much.


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