Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Time

It is already December 22, and I still haven't bought any presents, I am slacking. I am also slacking on my reading duties. But this two job jazz is just getting a bit tiring. Or it may be because I am lazy:) Back to the books though. I have so many books to read and it feels like so little time to read them! At least today at work I got to read some on my lunch break. The only time I am able to read, either that or at night when I have put the baby to bed.

Hmm, the lovely life of being an adult.

So I was wondering, is The Seed of Chucky a bad christmas movie? I am watching it now and it did have a christmas scene in it...ha ha.

Ok, well author Judah Lee Davis will be the author on spotlight this month! So go check out her book She Tells All. And stay tuned for the interview:)

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