Sunday, November 17, 2019

Book Promo Excerpt-Crown of Frost: A Wicked Faerie Tale Romance (Faerie Lords Book 1) by Isabella August


A wicked faerie warlock haunts Elaine’s dreams.

As a Taurus witch, it’s hardly a surprise that she dreams of warlocks. Yet each time, it’s the same mysterious man with long black hair and icy blue eyes. For years, he haunts her dreams... until the day she finally meets him, face to face.


When Liam steps out from the shadows, he claims he’s come to protect her. Tall, dangerous, and ethereal, he has a noble bearing... and a dark edge.

Though Liam is everything Elaine should fear, he speaks to her with a strange familiarity, stirring distant recollections. Everything about him is woven through the fabric of her shattered memory: His voice. His touch. His promise to keep her safe.

And while her memories of Liam are sparse, she finds herself drawn to him in a way that suggests he’s the very opposite of her enemy.

Liam’s dark nature drives him to possess her. Elaine knows she should resist... but with his first wicked touch, she’s lost to his seduction.

This steamy STANDALONE paranormal romance novel in an urban fantasy setting has a happy ending and contains no cheating. The books in the series can be read in any order.

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“You’ll forget me,” a soft voice promised.

Cold, piercing blue eyes, like chips of ice. The distant scent of sandalwood and evergreen. Something terrible lay behind those eyes, but Elaine couldn’t bring herself to be afraid.

“I won’t forget you,” she whispered. “How could I?”

“You will,” he assured her. His pale hand brushed her cheek, warm against the chill that had burrowed its way inside her. “But maybe that’s for the best.”

Already, the shreds of memory began to slip away again, like sand between her fingers.

About the Author:

Isabella August is the collaborative pen name for a pair of naughty lady writers specializing in vampires, shifters (wolves, bears, dragons, and all others welcome), fae, daemons, warlocks, witches, and many other denizens in their urban world of scorching-hot paranormal romance.

All stories by the dynamic duo behind Isabella August offer tantalizing glimpses into an ever-expanding dark urban paranormal world where anything is possible and where every romance has a happy ending -- no cliffhangers, no cheating. Join us for a ride you will never forget -- and a book you will never be able to put down.

When the duo are not plotting evil, evil things, they can be found with their respective husbands and cats. Both writers thoroughly enjoy gaming, both of the video and tabletop variety.

You can find out more about us and all our paranormal romance novels at


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