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SECRETS OF THE LOCH Trilogy by Candace Camp

 Publisher: Pocket Books
Pub. Dates: June 17, 2014 - March 24, 2015 - January 19, 2016
Genre: Historical Fiction
Source: Print ARC from publisher
Rating: 4 Stars

 Blurb 1:
Love is in the cards for a young Scottish heiress in the first book of a delicious new trilogy of historical romances, Secrets of the Loch, from New York Times bestselling author Candace Camp.

A family legend of hidden treasure mingles with the mist over the shores of Loch Baille . . . But it’s not the cache of gold dating back to Culloden that Jack Kensington claims when he arrives in the Highlands; it’s the house he won in a London card game from a luckless Scotsman.

Stunned to learn that her wastrel brother wagered their family estate, Isobel Rose must find a way to save her home and the people she loves . . . even if it means accepting a loveless marriage. Or perhaps not so loveless? Isobel unlocks the secrets of desire in the arms of the mysterious and handsome Englishman, but a series of “accidents” makes her fear that she will soon be a widow instead of a wife.

As their hunt for lost riches turns into the search for a killer, Isobel fights her attraction to the man who stole her birthright . . . but can Jack convince Isobel that he can provide a home for her heart, and a love to treasure?  
 Blurb 2:
From New York Times bestselling author Candace Camp comes the second delicious novel in her trilogy of Scottish historical romances, Secrets of the Loch.

Damon, the earl of Mardoun, is smitten the moment he meets Meg, the village healer—but she rejects every advance from the earl, and will have none of him, even if he is the most handsome man she’s ever laid eyes on. But when unforeseen circumstances bring them together, her conviction begins to fade…

Damon’s daughter falls gravely ill, and distraught, he turns to Meg for help. During the course of nursing his beloved daughter back to health, Meg and Damon fall madly in love, but they both know an earl must wed a noble bride. And Meg will be no man’s mistress.

Will the two lovers overcome the seemingly insurmountable odds and be together at last? Find out in this sweeping, romantic novel in which love is the greatest treasure of all.
Blurb 3:
 In the enticing new novel from New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Candace Camp’s “poignant, sensual, emotion-packed” (RT Book Reviews) Regency romance series, Secrets of the Loch, an unlikely duo discovers love may be the greatest prize of all when they join an exciting treasure hunt through the Scottish Highlands.

When Coll Munro finds himself supervising an archaeological dig on the sprawling Highlands estate of Duncally, the handsome Scot’s only worry is his former crofter friends, who seem to delight in making his job as hard as possible. Little does he know his biggest problem comes in a much smaller package. Gorgeous Violet Thornhill is an exasperating, meddling bluestocking who came to the site to examine the ruins and instead finds herself studying Coll. The unyielding Highlander and the headstrong English beauty clash at every turn. But when a midnight intruder threatens Violet and the excavation itself, these polar opposites must work together to solve a decades-old mystery. As Coll and Violet race to decipher long-buried clues, will they discover riches hidden years ago...or an unbridled passion more precious than gold?
Instead reviewing each individual book, I'll be reviewing all the books as a whole. Hopefully my words will convince you enough to pick up these wonderfully written historical romances. Even if you aren't much of a fan with historical, I still suggest picking up the books. Why? One, the characters are all well written and easy to identify with. The male leads are all swoon-worthy and dreamy. Ever single one of them have one thing in common; they're honorable, loyal, and loving men. 

Two, each book is uniquely different in its own special way. The heroines all had a way of making their stories their own, and I loved it every step of the way, in every book. Now, there were times that the stories would be a standstill and I would struggle to get through chapters. Some were boring and too long. But I don't think it takes away from the overall goodness of the books. 

In short, if you're looking for well written romance stories that will take you away to another time, then this is for you. I would love to read more from the author, and more in the genre in general. Historical fiction is fast becoming one of my go to books; I can't resist a good old time romance. And these books offer is a slow burn love, which makes it that much better when the respective couples finally make it to each other!
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About the Author:
Candace Camp is the New York Times bestselling author of over sixty books.

Her first novel, *Bonds of Love*, was published by Jove Publishing in 1978, under the pseudonym Lisa Gregory. Two pseudonyms (Kristin James and Sharon Stephens)and many books later, Candace writes under her own name Candace Camp and still loves creating stories.

Candace lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and is the mother of Young Adult author Anastasia Hopcus.

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