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Review: Torn Hearts by M.E. Gordon

A tale as old as time—a girl, tall and wispy, hair the color of the sun, eyes as blue as the sky, caught in a love triangle with the noblest of men…Not in this book, honey!

Okay so maybe I am caught up in a love triangle, but I’m sure as hell not running through a field of daisies in a sun dress. My name is Elizabeth and I’ve managed to avoid men for most of my life. I wasn’t a nun by any means, but I know what the hot guys want—and it usually isn’t me. How I got myself involved in a love triangle with one sexy photographer and a millionaire bachelor, who had women worshiping the ground he walked on, is beyond me.

Yet, here I am, attempting to navigate waters that I’ve never expected to. Trying to figure out which man was right for me, dealing with my family—and have I told you about the paparazzi? Well, it’s all really making me rethink the situation. Who do I trust? Who’s being genuine? What should I do if both men are perfect for me in different ways? How the hell am I supposed to choose just one? Or better yet do I have to choose just one?

"I like the name Belle. You love books and you’re beautiful. I would be honored to be your Beast, so long as I turn into the prince at the end,” he said as his warm eyes met mine."

Hm...this is starting to become a habit. I'm at the fifty percent mark and I'm very undecided about how I feel for the book. I cannot for the life of me get on board with any of the male leads. They both are very dull and boring. Elizabeth is pretty quirky and fun; I don't really identify with her, but I like her character well enough. So far, the only thing that's keeping me reading is wanting to know what Spencer and Simon are hiding. I hope the story picks up soon.

“I told you, Belle, you are a beauty.”

*finishes book*

“Now!” he spit, as he moved closer to me. “Choose now!” he growled.

Okay, the last fifty percent of the book was MUCH better. But I still don't care for any of the male leads. Well, I like Beth's brothers, too bad we don't have a story with their pov! They're so much more interesting than Simon and Spencer. It's very rare for me to be unable to care for the heroes of the book. I just couldn't find any redeeming quality about either guy.

But if I had to choose...if would probably be Simon. He seems the most genuine with his feelings regarding Elizabeth.

"If I choose Spencer, I would crush Simon. If I started over with Simon, then I finally had to put Spencer to rest for good, forever."

Elizabeth is the insecure yet witty heroine of Torn Hearts. She's not what society would call your 'average' girl; being a size twelve and all. Which in my opinion is bogus...whether you're size zero or size fourteen, every woman is beautiful. Fuck society and their twisted views on beauty. Anyways, Beth's life is about to change the moment she meets two gorgeous men that give her the attention she's never thought she deserved.

Then starts a whirlwind romance between a cryptic photographer and the mysterious billionaire who plays a lot of f'n head games. The media has a field day when they catch Beth and Spencer in some compromising meetings that are more than meets the eye. The whole world believes this "fairy-tale" media filled romance, will Beth crack and find herself believing it as well? Does Spencer really want to get to know her? Or is he just messing with her head and heart?

I knew exactly what was going on since the beginning of the book. It's not hard to guess what's going to happen. I'll admit the last paragraph really surprised the crap out of me. It definitely shows more to come because I can't imagine the author leaving the story on that note. Overall, I liked the book enough to continuing to finish but it's not one that I would want to read again.

I think Elizabeth would do well to just say no to both guys and leave it at that. She's wonderful all on her own, she just needs to have the confidence and to believe in herself.

2.5 Stars

*Thank you to the author for providing a copy of the book for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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