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Blog Tour: Review&Giveaway-- See Jayne Play by Jami Denise

Title – See Jayne Play 
Author – Jami Denise
Genre – Erotic Contemporary Romance

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Jayne King lived in a world of players. She’d been groomed by her father to win, taking no prisoners in her quest to reach the top. 

But, it was never enough. She wanted out, and just when she finds her escape, she’s pulled back into the underground crime world of Las Vegas. One phone call spins her life out of control, and she once again has to live her life behind a mask of lies. 

Her body is for sale, but her heart is off limits.

Flynn Maguire, professional gambler and notorious ladies’ man, always wins. Always. As the heir to the Maguire Grand Hotel and Casino fortune, he’s always had his desires delivered on a silver platter. When he crosses paths with Jayne King, he will stop at nothing to have her. 

Nothing has ever stood between him and what he wanted, and there wasn’t an amount of money he wouldn’t pay to own her. He realizes too late, that money can’t buy her heart, and he finds himself in a place he never thought he’d be. Out of luck.

My Review:

Jayne's tried to escape the life her dad has lead and just when she thinks she has, she gets a phone call. Bringing her right back into all the action. 

Jayne is an escort in Las Vegas and one night she gets a call from a client who just so happens to be Flynn Maguire, playboy extraordinaire. And just the man who wants her, and only her. 

Their encounters in the beginning were different and it made you as a reader, want to know more. It was almost a bit weird...almost! 

As the story carried on, the more I fell in love with the couple. The characters were real, and not just fluff that you sometimes find in a romance novel. I saw Jayne as a vulnerable woman on the inside yet strong and independent on the outside. For some reason it worked for her. 

The story is mesmerizing and the last half of the book had me hooked. I couldn't even cook dinner for the family because I just had to finish it. And my goodness, that last page...

I have shivers thinking about it!
So if you must know, yes there will be another book. I know some people don't like that but I do.

For those that like sassy and independent female leads, with an ├╝ber sexy male counter-part, and a story that's full of life, then you have yourself the perfect book. It's a magnificent blend of romance and action. 

***Thanks to Kari and Cara from ABWO Promos for setting up this blog tour and a special thank you to Jami Denise for providing me with a copy of the book for an honest review. 

Excerpt 1
“Come in, Jayne. I’ve been looking forward to you all night.”

My body tightened and my eyes darted around the room, trying to locate the voice. There was a click and scrape of a lighter flickering, and the lambent reflection revealed a man lounging in a red suede chair.

I was shocked. Of all people, I never expected to see Flynn Maguire sitting across from me, or soliciting my services.

He was incredibly handsome, more so than the last time I’d seen him. His dark eyes were haunting, like a starless night and just as empty. When he looked at you, it was intimidating, dangerous. That mysterious charm always intrigued me. Then again, I’d always fallen for men like him.

Author Bio
Jami Denise is a romance writer from Southern California. While she waits for the next felon to come along and sweep her off her feet, she writes about swoony bad boys and sassy gals that make them squirm. She also loves cats, cars, cupcake flavored lip balm, and cherry limeade.
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