Thursday, September 19, 2013

Review: Again by Brandy Jeffus

From recess buddies to high school sweethearts, Eli Stone and Bonnie Jinks were constants in each other’s lives. Although young, their relationship had withstood the test of many teenage tribulations. Marriage and a happy ever after were in their future plans. 

One alcohol fueled mistake rips them apart. Bonnie ends up on the road with her new boyfriend while Eli joins the military. It seems as if their lives would never intersect again. 

A near fatal accident brings them together and their chemistry is undeniable. But will the pain of the past keep them apart? Can they make their love work again?

My Review-

"You are my anchor Bonnie. Nothing can make me let you go."

Again is a story about love lost and found. It all started the night that Eli made a terrible mistake, resulting to him breaking up with Bonnie. Bonnie then starts dating a rock star and proceeds to going on your with him. 

Fast-forward six years. 
Bonnie find herself going back home when tragedy strikes. Her mother has been in a horrible car accident and who is helping out her mom? Eli, of course. 

I enjoyed Again because it was different. It was a light read but it was just what I needed. I love second chance love stories and this one was so sweet. It's told from Bonnie's pov and then has flashbacks in Eli's pov as well.

"I love you. I love you. You are my sun, and my moon and my stars."
Eli is wonderful. He isn't your typical bad boy. He is kind and worships the ground Bonnie walks on. 

"Every time we made love, it convinced me our bodies had been made specifically for each other."

Also that cover is absolutely gorgeous!!<3

If you're looking for a light read that's full of sweet and second chances,this is for you! 

3.75 stars 
*given to me by author for honest review

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