Thursday, September 12, 2013

Review: After Tuesday by Renee Ericson

Family really is a pain…especially when your father is an addict.

For the last two years, high school senior Ruby has been her own rock and solace. She has learned to depend only on herself and hides her family's issues by keeping herself somewhat unnoticeable. Despite her isolation, Ruby has intrigued the affections of someone unexpected. Finding herself loving life once again as his persistence sparks a romance awakening a well-protected heart. 

While Ruby’s relationship with her father is constantly teetering, her new-found affection continues to blossom into something more than she ever thought possible. Soon, Ruby comes to realize that opening up your heart means being susceptible to love and disappointment.

YA-M: This book contains mature content including profanity, drug/alcohol use, and sexual situations/language.

My Review:
"I realize that I need the light of others to find my way out of the dark.

After Tuesday is a sweet contemporary romance in the YA genre. It may be sweet but it also has some dark issues it deals with. Which is being an addict. The light read mixed with dark, balanced out the book perfectly. 

I thought love meant fighting for someone, no matter what.
When will someone fight for me?
Ruby has had to grow up fast due to her father being an alcoholic. During the summer she is a camp counselor; it's there she becomes good friends with a girl name Lexi. 

Ruby then catches the eye of Brent Cromell. Mr. Rich, Good Looking and Popular. He really surprised me. He's the sweetest most caring boyfriend. 
Ruby-"Don't let me go."

Their love was so genuine and pure that it had me grinning like a fool. Seriously it was, it reminded me of when I was 17 and in love. 
"I might be falling for him too fast, but that's out of my control."

There is a pivotal part in the book that really tests both Ruby and Brent. And even though it took them awhile, they both were able to make it work. 
"I know you're used to doing everything by yourself,but you don't have to." Brent

The only thing that bothered me was in the beginning. Ruby's monologue was awkward for me to read. 
"My petite nose crinkles in disgust while my soft pink lips do some sort of Elvis-like snarl."
That's just awkward, I don't ever described self like that. There were times when that's all it was, was just her inner thoughts. It had me stopping because nothing was happening. 

But it got so much better. Once she becomes part of a group and has friends, there's not too much room for the inner thinking. 

I'm looking forward to the second book. I fell in love with Ruby's strength. What she's had to deal with, isn't what kids her age should have to be dealing with. On second thought no one should have to deal with it. 
"It's time to put on my big-girl panties and carry on."
Too right she is!

"Sometimes," I muse with my eyes closed, "I wonder how I got lucky enough to have you in my life."
"It's because you let me me find you."

3.5 stars
**given to be by author for an honest review"

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