Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Hunger Games

Tonight is the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games! And guess who is going? Me! I am way excited, I even have my t shirt on:) Nerdy much? I would not say I was eagerly awaiting the movie because lets face it, I was not. The books were amazing and I like the people I picture in my own head. But maybe these actors will somehow grow on me....
Who knows? The cast for Twilight still has yet to grow on me, and the last movie comes out this summer.

This right here is Katniss Everdeen, the girl who is a bad a** and can shoot a bow and arrow. (I wish I could shoot one....) AWESOMEEEE! So I guess Jennifer Lawrence is okay looking in this picture. I was wondering how her hair would turn out once it was brown and surprisingly she actually looks fine.

My goodness this cast is beautiful...
Well MOST of them....

Anyways, I am excited to see how they portray the book and I will go into the movie with an open mind. I understand that the movie can't possibly be just like the book. But I do hope they stick closely to it. Pretty please? It's all I can ask for, I mean since I am such a big fan and all...

Comment and tell me what you are expecting from The Hunger Games:)


  1. I'm really curious about how things will play out in the arena. I'm also curious about the reactions from people who haven't read the book.


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