Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Review-The Amelia Six by Kristin L. Gray

Publisher: S&S
Published: June 30, 2020
Genre: Middle Grade Mystery
Source:Print ARC

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Amelia Earhart’s famous aviator goggles go missing and eleven-year-old Millie has to find them before the night is over in this girl-powered middle grade whodunit.

Eleven-year-old Amelia Ashford—Millie to her friends (if she had any, that is)—doesn’t realize just how much adventure awaits her when she’s given the opportunity of a lifetime: to spend the night in Amelia Earhart’s childhood home with five other girls. Make that five strangers. But Millie’s mom is a pilot like the famous Amelia, and Millie would love to have something to write to her about…if only she had her address.

Once at Amelia’s house in Atchison, Kansas, Millie stumbles upon a display of Amelia’s famous flight goggles. She can’t believe her good luck, since they’re about to be relocated to a fancy museum in Washington, DC. But her luck changes quickly when the goggles disappear, and Millie was the last to see them. Soon, fingers are pointing in all directions, and someone falls strangely ill. Suddenly, a fun night of scavenger hunts and sweets takes a nosedive and the girls aren’t sure who to trust. With a blizzard raging outside and a house full of suspects, the girls have no choice but to band together. It’s up to the Amelia Six to find the culprit and return the goggles to their rightful place. Or the next body to collapse could be one of theirs.

The Amelia Six has a main character whose basically my spirit animal. A young lady that finds adventure and friends in the least likely of places. If you haven’t already read the blurb or know what this book’s about, it’s about Millie, and five other girls, who’ve won a contest to stay the night at Amelia Earhart’s house. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime and Millie couldn’t be more excited.

Maybe by doing this, she’ll be able to write something interesting to her mother about her adventures. The momma is a pilot, just like Earhart. It’s all fun and games until the famous goggles that belonged to Amelia turn up missing. And Millie was the last to see them. Here goes a wonderful and well thought out mystery that will keep you guessing until the end!

I had way too much fun reading this book. I loved Millie and the side characters all hold a special place in my heart. Nancy Drew who? We got Millie and gang.

*Thank you to the publisher for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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About the Author:
Kristin L. Gray is the author of Vilonia Beebe Takes Charge, a Bank Street Best Children’s Book, and the picture book Koala Is Not A Bear. She lives in Arkansas with her family, two dogs, one cat, and pet lizard. Her forthcoming picture book, Rover Throws A Party, combines two of her favorite things: outer space and cake. Visit her online at KristinLGray.com.

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