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Release Day Blitz- MAYBE THIS TIME by Jennifer Snow


Author: Jennifer Snow
Series: Colorado Ice, #1
On Sale: November 29, 2016
Publisher: Forever
Mass Market$5.99 USD
eBook$5.99 USD

“Quietly humorous, profoundly moving, and captivatingly seductive, with supportive secondary characters, this novel is sure to enthrall fans and newcomers to this series.” Publishers Weekly, Starred Review of Maybe This Time

Starting over means a second chance . . . 

Abigail Jansen is done with hockey . . . and hockey players. After leaving her two-timing NHL-star husband, Abby decides to start over in her hometown of Glenwood Falls, Colorado. There she doesn't have to deal with people gossiping behind her back or hear the word "hockey"—until her daughter tries out for the junior hockey team. Now Abby has to face her fears . . . and coach Jackson Westmore. He's tall, dark, handsomeand happens to hate her.

All through high school, talented hockey player Jackson Westmore had a crush on Abby, but he would never make a move on his best friend's girl. He gave her the cold shoulder out of self-preservation and worked out his frustrations on the ice. So when Abby returns, newly divorced and still sexy as hell, Jackson knows he's in trouble. Now even the best defensive skills might not keep him from losing his heart.

I'm just going to admit the fact that I'm forever going to be a hopeless romantic. I say this because from the very first page until the very last, I felt a connection to the main character, Abigail, and all the crappy things that she had to endure while being a "hockey" wife. That's where the story starts off; Abby and her daughter, Daniel, are starting a new life in Abby's hometown after a nasty divorce. Abby's husband Dean is terrible. Just be warned  about that. 

Once Abby moves, she knows right away that she needs to try and make it on her own. So she takes a substitute job that may or may not end up being a permanent teacher job. It's there she runs into Jackson, her ex- husband's best friend. Jackson is the cough to the little league hockey team. A team that Dani and Jackson's niece, Taylor, try out for. 

Abby and Jackson's slow burn romance was fun, sweet, and its one you can't help but root for. There were times when I wanted nothing more than to smack the two for being so oblivious or just plain dumb, but I'm glad that the romance wasn't rushed. It made it perfect in my eyes. The characters are endearing and I'm glad I'll be able to stay in the wonderful world that Snow has created. 

The next book is going to be about Ben, Jackson's brother who just so happens to play in the NHL! Tell me you aren't just as excited as me to get more hockey from the fun loving family that are the Westmores. If you're looking for a romantic read that will make you giddy with happiness, this is the one for you! And despite what a jerk Dean is, I still wish the guy the best. Sounds like he just let all that money and fame truly get to him. 

*Thank you to the publisher for providing a copy for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 




Maybe This Kiss, #1 (prequel novella)
Maybe This Time, #2


Jennifer Snow lives in Edmonton, Alberta with her husband and son. She writes sweet and sexy contemporary romance stories set everywhere from small towns to big cities. After stating in her high school yearbook bio that she wanted to be an author, she set off on the winding, twisting road to make her dream a reality. She is a member of RWA, the Writers' Guild of Alberta, the Canadian Authors Association, and the Film and Visual Arts Association in Edmonton. She has published over ten novels and novellas with many more on the way.


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