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Wedding bells ring in the distance as the cold wind, whips through the small town of Lake Jackson Texas. Angel smiles longingly at her parents as they stand hand on hand exchanges vows. A rough childhood and a bank account full of money has made him the man he is today. Cars are his hobby but women are his passion. The sound of engines and smell of timber fill the waking hours, but at night the darkness fills more than night sky. Can he control himself enough to hold on to the one person who fate brings to his life.

Willow, had everything she ever needed in life, until the day her mother passed. With a controlling money driven grandmother, she falls into line. The life that is expected of her. Allied Linc, is one of the largest finance companies on the Florida coast. It was there she met her soon to be husband Duncan. Struggling with her overpowering family has made life tough for Willow, her every move is reported to the matriarch of the family, thoughts of running away from it all were a daily occurrence until she met Duncan. As time passes the days get easier to bear, with Duncan by her side.

Planning their wedding, Willow is distracted from all the lies and deceit that play out in front of her. Running from all she holds dear, everything she called home. She is now faced with one of the biggest challenges of her life. Falling to the mercy of Sharon and her husband her troubles are far from over. The sound of his voice, does more to her than she ever thought possible. Her emotions rage when he is around.

Hidden away in his cabin, Parker fights with the attraction. She has fought his every attempt, his money only pushes her farther away. Time passes, as quickly as the night. Avoidance is key, but when tragedy strikes. They are thrown together, holding on to the memories of happier times.



The sound of “I love you” fills the room. My heart drops to my knees. My throat constricts; I can’t breathe. Those three words were meant for me. He doesn’t notice me standing in the doorway. He doesn’t notice the look of shock and pain that carries across my face. I can feel the tears burn, as he calls her name.

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My Review:

Willow is a woman in love and couldn’t be happier in life. All of that comes crashing down, however, when she walks in on her fiancĂ© cheating on her. Hurt and embarrassed beyond belief, she quickly leaves town and finds herself in Lake Jackson, Texas – a place that will take her completely by surprise.

Parker is someone who never has to want for anything. He has the money to do what he wants, when he wants, but even that is not enough to make him happy. Often bitter and angry, no one can really make him feel – until he sees her. He is drawn to Willow and he’s not sure why. Confused, he often lashes out at her, pushing her away. Will the two be able to find common ground together, or will their differences be enough to drive a permanent wedge between them?

Willow was a sweet girl that drove me batty at times. She spent a lot of time in her head and that made me feel a bit disconnected occasionally as it seemed to slow down the pacing of the story.

Parker was a bit more complex. This novel is a part of a series and this was Willow’s story. I’m curious to see where Parker’s story is taken next as I want more of a look into the easily angered, emotionally scarred character that I saw here. There were times that I wanted to reach into the story and smack him for some of the things that he did and said, but then there were times that I just wanted to hug him. Hey, I’m allowed to change my mind.

The side characters were some of my favorites, especially Angel, Riley and Tanner’s daughter. She was just plain adorable and there’s a scene in which she finger paints with her ice cream in a place that she really shouldn’t. It brought a smile to my face. I freaking love that child.

Taking Flight was a quick, easy read that I enjoyed. There were some things that drove me a little crazy with the pacing as I felt that we were given just a bit too much insight at times, but that could just be me.

About The Author:

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Nicky Jayne was born and raised in England but now resides in Las Vegas with her Husband and two boys. When she is not writing, she has her nose firmly placed in a book. She released her first series in September 2013. The Embrace Series, Embracing Life and Embracing Love.

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