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Title: Incinerate (Explosive, #2)
Author: Tessa Teevan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Wicked by Design
Cover Model: Joshua Saari
Cover Photographer: Josh Norris



When Knox Wellington opens the door to Charlie Davenport, he's not expecting the fiery brunette with whiskey colored eyes and a feisty personality. Sparks fly immediately, even though their initial meeting is nothing but hostile. Their chemistry is undeniable, but the chip on Knox's shoulder threatens to destroy any hope of him wooing the sweet, southern volunteer sent to help with his rehabilitation.

Little does he know she's no Southern Belle, as she gives as good as she can take. As unexpected circumstances push them closer together, heads butt, patience is tested, and flames ignite as they dance around their mutual attraction, both of them jaded from broken pasts.

They've both been burned before, so when their feelings of lust, desire, and wanting are inflamed in the heat of the moment, will they finally be able to get over the pain of the past or will their relationship be reduced to ashes before it can ever really begin?


Following after her, I find her bent over in front of the refrigerator holding the door open and staring at the contents inside. The way her ass is sticking out unleashes something inside me, and I go semi-hard just from watching her. I instantly feel the need to show her that I’m not some weak, damaged man. I walk up behind her and grab her by the waist, turning her around. Kicking the door shut behind me, I push her to the island, and if I thought I could get away with it, I’d be pressing myself up against so she could feel what she’s doing to me. She’s staring up at me with confusion in her big, brown eyes, and I wonder what the hell I’m doing.

“Hop up,” I tell her, and she complies immediately, surprising me by not fighting it.

I place my hands on her knees, spreading them and stepping closer to her so my hips are between her legs. As best as I can, I take a hold each one and wrap them around my waist, and she involuntarily tightens them around my middle, although her ass is still firmly planted on the counter. This isn’t how I imagined her legs wrapped around me for the first time, but I can’t deny that I don’t love the feel of her gripping my waist tightly.

“Arms around my neck, Charlie.” The confused expression on her face deepens, but she does as she’s told.

“What are you doing, Knox?” she asks, looking up at me, her face only inches from mine.

Swallowing hard, I ignore her question and bring my forehead to hers. “Just do this for me, okay? Don’t fight me on it. Just this once. I need to do this.”

She nods, and I’m not sure she knows what to expect, confirming it when I pull her off the counter. Gasping, she starts to struggle, and I have to brace myself against the counter to keep from falling. Jesus, this woman is so damn defiant, and it can be both sexy as hell and annoyingly irritating.

“Knox, what the hell?! Put me down!”

Fuck, I know I should probably listen to her, but I’ve gotten to this point and I’m not stopping until I can prove to myself that I haven’t completely lost all of my strength. She’s not exactly heavy, but her struggling is making it difficult to keep my one good arm around her as I make my way down the hallway, heading into the guest bedroom. Somewhere along the way she stops struggling, apparently having given up and figuring that it’s just easier to let me do this.

I’m slightly out of breath by the time I get to her bed, and I’m more than happy to release her from my arms. Relief washes over me when she plops on the bed, bouncing once. Whether the relief is from having been able to do it or from having freed myself of her weight. Either way, I’m fucking ecstatic, and even though I’m breathing heavy, it was a small victory for me and my bruised ego.

I begin backing away from her because I know the verbal assault is coming, and I don’t blame her, but I don’t regret it.

My Review:

Warning: Reading this book may cause you to fall head over heels for Knox and Charlie in such a way that you'll be unable to move on for days. Possibly even weeks. They're THAT good! Don't say I didn't try to warn you.

Incinerate is the second book in the Explosive series, and though each book can technically be read as a standalone, I HIGHLY recommend reading Ignite before starting on this one. Ignite centers around Jace and Lexi, both of whom are constant figures in Incinerate seeing as Jace and Knox are best friends and practically brothers. You also don’t want to miss the hilarious introduction of Knox in the first book, which really sets the ground for what you’ll see here.

Knox Wellington is very closed off and bitter when it comes to love. He was hurt and betrayed in the past which is why he’s so jaded about relationships now, and because of that, casual hook-ups are all he’s looking for in-between his duty as an EOD specialist in the Army. He’s damn good at his job, but all of that comes crashing down around him when he and his team are seriously injured in the line of duty.

“I’m fucking alone, and I’m going to die this way in this godforsaken country. Shattered. Broken. And completely alone.”

Charlotte Davenport is an army brat who helps wounded service members. After having caught her fiancé cheating on her, she has no interest in dating - especially not a soldier. Charlie is in for a surprise when her newest assignment turns out to be the rude guy that she met at a bar the night before, which just so happens to be Knox.

Both are headstrong, stubborn characters who have had their fair share of heartbreak. When they are partnered together, will they be able to co-exist and find common ground, or will the passion between them incinerate everything in their paths? Read to find out!

Knox is officially my first book boyfriend for 2014. He’s hot, sweet, caring, loyal to a fault, and though he has a bad habit of jumping to conclusions, I wouldn’t have him any other way. As his story progresses and you learn more about his back story, you completely understand why he’s so cynical and you can’t really blame the guy.

Charlie, for me, was a great heroine and I officially have a girl crush. She wasn’t whiny or needy at all. She’s independent, smart, caring, and can go head to head with Knox when he decides to be combative. She’s quick to say what she won’t tolerate, and it’s a refreshing change of pace from the female characters that I’ve become so used to seeing. I absolutely adored her and she is exactly the kind of friend that I would want by my side.

Incinerate is Tessa’s sophomore novel and she didn’t disappoint! In fact, she knocked this one out of the ballpark entirely. I love it when an author manages to outdo themselves, and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us! The only problem I really had with this story was trying to figure out who I loved more: Knox or Charlie.

I give Incinerate 5 explosive stars, though honestly, I would rate it higher if I could. It captured my attention and refused to let go, even after I was done reading! It made me feel, smile, curse, and talk to my kindle like a crazy person. What more can I ask for?

*An ARC was kindly provided for an honest review. The fact that it was an ARC in no way reflects what I rate a book.*

About Tessa:

I'm a twenty six year old book junkie who is also obsessed with sports. Bengals, Buckeyes, Reds are my teams! I work for the government during the day, hang out with Air National Guard on the weekends, and am married to a guy 15 inches taller than me. We're quite the pair! We currently live right outside of Dayton, OH with our two cats.

I've been reading since I was a kid. My mom was a librarian, so it was a given. Heck, she even made sure we watched Wishbone instead of the Smurfs. In 2011 when I graduated from college, my mom bought me a Nook, and then in the summer of 2012 I found this amazing site called Goodreads. I was introduced to so many amazing indie/self-published authors. After reading almost 400 books that year, my husband gave me the push to finally sit down and write my own. It was a rocky start, but over time the words started flowing and I couldn't get Jace and Lexi out of my head.

If I’m not writing or looking through tons of photos of hot men, all in the name of research, then you can probably find me curled up with my Kindle, ignoring the rest of the world. I love my sports almost as much as I love my books. My other obsessions include red wine, hot men, country music, and all things Grace Potter.

I LOVE to hear from readers, so please feel free to contact via any social media site listed below.

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