Friday, January 10, 2014

Review: Beautifully Awake by Riley Mackenzie

Diagnosis: Sleep-running

Treatment: Truth

Prognosis: Beautifully Awake

Lili Porter hates the rain. Bad things happen in the rain. As a small town social worker dedicated to protecting children, she is forced to start over to escape her rural disaster. Determined to follow her father’s advice—head up and chin high—Lili finds herself in a new city, taking on a new system, this time healthcare. In doing so, she gets something she never expected, an intimate behind-the-scenes look at life in the hospital.

Lili learns that a surgeon’s hands have the power to heal more than physical wounds. And a prescription for truth can cure three years of sleep running and leave you beautifully awake.


Lili is a case manger (social worker) for a hospital and is a bit mysterious. At least her story that you won't know about until later in in the book.  Chase is the top brain surgeon in the country and he's the head of the surgeons of the hospital Lili works at. *Sorry not good in medical terms! So I hope that kinda makes sense...? Anyways, he is also coming from a tortured past. 

The story started off very strong, with an independent and sassy lead character. And then the broody and moody doctor. Dr.Chase Colton is an alpha male times ten, that guy is seriously intimidating. Along with our leads were the funny and charming secondary characters. Sierra was the loud mouth and crude best friend, I liked her a lot because, well she's an adorable pregnant woman! What's not to like?

Guy and his sexy dimples; is the guy who makes every girl feel beautiful. His character was such a joy to read. Then there is Asher. Gah, I love that name! His name is cool and he's even better. I look forward to reading his book next. 

The medical field is not one I'm familiar with but I thought it was cool to see what it's like "behind" the scenes. I could never work in that field seeing as I'd probably faint from the first sign of blood. No joke. 

I'm not a fan of insta-love. I used to be when I was younger but as I've gotten older, I like romances to be a little more drawn out. Insta-lust is more understandable. I feel like the couple had both. The word "baby" was overused as well. I love that endearment in books but when it's overused, it loses it's spark. 

This is where the insta-love comes in. I feel like the hero changed from the moody man to a man in love. Which is fine but I still would have liked to see more build up. It's just a personal taste, nothing against the authors. 

Beautifully Awake is a bit wee long in my opinion. Some parts dragged on while others really picked up. I was entertained throughout the novel. The epilogue is what had me on the edge of my seat. I sat there biting my nails and read my little heart out!

Overall, I liked Beautifully Awake. It's a beautiful story about two tortured and lonely people looking for love. (I'm not completely heartless when it comes to love!) if you haven't already pick this up. You'll pretty much fall in love with Dr.Colton;)

*review copy provided by authors for an honest review*


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