Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Review:Choosing the Right Man by @VioletDukebooks

Goodreads blurb:
An Amazon & B&N Top 100 Bestseller!

Book Three of the bestselling NICE GIRL TO LOVE ( serial romance ) series

Connor’s back. Just when Abby’s life seems all but perfect, the infuriating man comes charging back in to wreak havoc on her emotions once again. And in typical Connor fashion, he has yet another proposal for her. But instead of a wild and fast fling, he’s proposing...forever. 

Brian’s not giving her up without a fight.Normally the tame one of the pair, Brian is holding nothing back in the battle for Abby’s heart. He has a decade-long head start in knowing and loving everything about Abby—but is that enough to break the intense hold his brother has on her heart?

In this third and final book in the bestselling Nice Girl to Love series, Abby must decide once and for all between the bad boy wanting to start a life with her and the good guy fighting for the life they’ve already built.

Print Length: 147 pages (Based on paperback edition, available August 19, 2013)

Note: This is the third and final book in the bestselling Nice Girl to Love serial romance series.
My thoughts:
Connor...Brian...wait Connor...no Brian...

Okay so in Choosing the Right Man we follow Abby,Connor, and Brian. It's starts where it left off in Falling for the Good Guy. Abby finds herself torn between the two men she loves. Connor is the infamous bad boy who realizes he is capable of loving and Brian is the best friend who realizes his feelings for Abby have gone beyond friendship. My,my how do you choose?!

Connor and Brian come up with a way for both of them to hang with Abby in order for her to choose which one she wants. I applaud both men because sharing her the way they did shows just how much they both love her. I feel like most men wouldn't even try. 

From 75% on I think I had tears running down my face. I may be a big baby but I found the story bittersweet. I wouldn't want to be stuck in between two men knowing that in the end I would end up hurting one of them. This is where Abby and I differ. She chose to date both men but I would have gave both of them up. I would feel way too guilty hurting someone but I wouldn't feel guilty if it was myself I was hurting. Sounds terrible...it's just the way I work unfortunately. 

As always the characters are awesome. They feel so real and going into Choosing the Right Man, they feel like family. 

There is a HEA with a fun little surprise in the end. (Well surprising for me!)
Lets just say I am happy and leave it at that;)

I fully recommend these books! They make you feel good and not to mention they are so sweet and romantic. Oh and also a little steamy! You'll see why. Go get the book and see what I am talking about. 
*i was given a copy by author for a review*

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  1. Please PLEASE tell me who she marries in the end!! I honestly won't ever read the book, so please tell me!!!!!!!


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