Thursday, July 4, 2013

Review: Falling for the Good Guy by @violetdukebooks

Goodreads Blurb:
From the evil author who left you hanging off a cliff in RESISTING THE BAD BOY comes the second book in the NICE GIRL TO LOVE (serial romance) series: Abby & Brian’s story...

Abby Bartlett is well aware that everyone thinks she’s in love with her best friend Brian. He is, after all, the type of man a nice girl should be with—the polar opposite of the bad boy—the kind of guy who didn’t let his wife’s decade-long illness stop him from showering her with a lifetime of love every second until her dying day. Yes, Brian has been the yardstick against which Abby has measured all other men. But everyone’s wrong; she couldn’t possibly be in love with him.

Because she’s never once allowed herself that option. 

It’s taken a while but Brian Sullivan has finally come to terms with being a widower at the age of thirty, surviving the woman he spent half his life loving, a third of it losing. Truth is though, he wouldn’t have ‘survived’ any of it really had it not been for Abby—sweet, incredible Abby—the woman he’s never once had to picture his life without, never realized he couldn’t truly live without. Until now. Now that he’s finally able to love her the way she deserves, the way he knows she wants to be his brother.

Who’s giving him exactly one chance to speak now or forever hold his peace. 

Note: This is Book #2 in a three-book serial romance . The finale will be released in July.

My Thoughts:

How could it end that way?! 

I adored the first book but Falling for the Good Guy blew my expectations right out the water. I fell in love with Brian & Skylar both. You are probably wondering what happened to Connor. Wells ladies and gents, this story has nothing whatsoever to do with Connor. And let me tell you...I don't know who to choose! Getting to know Brian was just what I needed. I like his personality and the way he treats Abby. His love for his daughter is very endearing as well. You can't help but fall a little bit in love. 

This book has an emotional scene that had me tearing up like crazy. I don't want to spoil anything be because the scene took me by surprise. 

But never fear, there was still tons of humor and quirky-like scenes to make the book fun and sexy just like the first one. 

My favorite character (this is hard) would have to be Skylar. She is absolutely adorable and wise for age. Once you read this book you will understand. Big muscles and a nice chest is a must;)

I can't wait for the third book!!! Hopefully it comes soon because I am not a patient person!

***This book was given to me by author for an honest review***

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