Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hope Blog Tour!!

Hope (The Descendant Trilogy #2) 
Allison now understands who she is and where she comes from, but will it be enough to save the world? She went through a dangerous journey, dragging her young daughter along for the ride, in an attempt to stop the evil Rising Leader, Damien, from opening the Seven Seals and bringing about the Apocalypse. 

But she hasn’t succeeded yet. The Rising still thrives and Lilith has made it her mission to open the remaining Seals so that she and her minions can rule the Earth. 

David and Allison hope that love can conquer all, but in reality, love is never enough. Will they, along with the rest of the gang back at the Compound, be able to stop the Rising?

And where is The Descendant that is prophesied to save them all?

My thoughts:
My thoughts were a bit skeptical when starting Hope. Mainly because I disliked the first book and the way it seemed rushed. So long story short, I wasn't sure I was going to even like Hope. I went into it with an open mind though. I am glad I did too because I liked it more than Power.

I liked how Allison grew as a character. Sometimes you read a sequel and it feels as if the MC did not grow up. That was not the case with Allison. She has a lot of responsibility plus she is a mother of an adorable little girl.

The romance still didn't make me swoon, I felt no connection whatsoever to David and Allison. They were just kind of bland. I would have liked a little more passion but I understand why things were the way they were.

The multiple pov I could have done without, it took away from the story for me. I particularly did not care to see inside Lilith's head. I like a mystery and knowing why she is evil and does the things she does, doesn't intrigue me in the least.

The plot is different and at times exciting! Who doesn't love a good vs evil story? Don't let my opinions turn you off. If you love a good action story mixed with romance this book is for you.

Thank you Theresa for letting me be a part of this book tour:)

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ALSO- remember POWER (The Descendant Trilogy #1) will be FREE during this Blog Hop!! 


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