About Us

The Lovely Books has two reviewers on staff:
Jessica and Sarah.

Jessica is a mother of three. She was born and bred in Texas and that's forever where she'll stay. Reading is her passion and without books, she'd be lost. The types of books she reviews is YA,NA, PNR,Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Erotica, and all Contemporary.

Sarah is 28 and resides in Las Vegas, though she prefers colder weather. Anyone else think she's living in the wrong state?? She loves to read and can't leave the house without her kindle (or her smart phone).

While we bonded over our love of books, it quickly became obvious that we had a lot in common. Which included picking on one another like sisters ....

We're both easily accessible and you can find our Twitter and Facebook information on the bar to the right ---> Feel free to contact us anytime. We love to chat, and are always up for talking about books!

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